We are Eye Envy Microblading

We are dedicated to making you look and feel beautiful effortlessly at ANY time of the day! Long gone are the days of penciling in your brows or settling for the "sharpie marker" look of enhanced eyebrows.

We specialize in microblading, a meticulously skilled technique of achieving natural, youthful eyebrows without the need to apply daily make-up. Imagine waking up and showering without your eyebrows washing off!

Your perfectly shaped eyebrows will save you so much time in the mornings and hundreds of dollars spent on brow make-up, waxing, and need for bi-weekly threading. 

Eye Envy Microblading Office

Cerissa Phillips

Eye Envy Microblading & Image Enhancement, Inc is dedicated to helping men and women present their very best to the world.  With nearly 20 years rooted within the beauty industry as a makeup artist and sales rep for multi- million dollar cosmetic lines, our founder (and mother), Cerissa Phillips, has always had a love for beauty, design, health, and fitness.

Due to her passion of uplifting people and helping them become their best, she later became a high school teacher, beholding the admiration of her many students. Since fitness and self preservation lights a fire within, Cerissa also competes within the NPC and has been renowned champion within the fitness industry.  She currently coaches other men and women to attain their health and fitness goals.

While still longing to fulfill her entrepreneurial dream, Cerissa discovered that her passion for beauty, design, and helping others went hand in hand when she became a licensed and certified practitioner in microblading and micro scalp pigmentation by two of the most accredited training programs. Eye Envy Microblading & Image Enhancement, Inc. was founded thereafter with the mission of helping men and women discover their new-found confidence. Whether you are suffering from a skin disease, being treated for chemotherapy, have scars inhibiting hair growth, or even for those who simply want to preserve their youthful appearance, look no further. WE ARE YOUR ANSWER.

Cerissa was professional, thorough and awesome! She was patient and let me be part of the process, and it was not at all as painful as I thought it would be!
— Y. Gunter